March 19 Stadler Center for Poetry at Bucknell , 7:00 PM Lewisburg, PA

June 28 Juniper Summer Writing Institute , Bezanson Recital Hall/Fine Arts Center, 7:30 PM Amherst, MA


February 7: Collected Poets Series , Turners Falls, MA

November 14: Danny’s Reading Series , 7:30 PM Chicago, IL (with Sandra Simonds)

October 26: Mulitfarious Array at Pete’s Candy Store, 7:00 PM Brooklyn NY (with Christopher Janke & Chris DeWeese)

October 22: Loyola High School 3:30 PM Baltimore, MD (with Christopher Janke)

October 21: , 4:00 PM Baltimore, MD (with Christopher Janke)

October 20: So&So Series , 8:00 PM, Raleigh, NC (with Christopher Janke)

October 19: Chop Suey Books , 6:00 PM Richmond, VA (with Christopher Janke)

October 18: Kelly Writers House/Bookmaking workshop, 3:30 pm (with Christopher Janke)

September 14 & 15 , Ohio State MFA Alumni Bookfair & Festival. Columbus OH, Barnes & Noble. 6:30 pm (with Letitia Trent and Joe Oestrich)

August 18th, Boston Poetry Marathon

June 27, 7:30 pm. Juniper Institute , with Timothy Donnelly and Joseph Cardinale

June 6, 7:00 pm. Lily Pereira Reception: “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”

May 4, Friday, 6 pm at Ada Books 717 Westminster St., Providence RI. With: E Tracy Grinnell, Joanne Hart, and Julian Brolaski

April 27th, Friday, 7PM at LOOT Found and Made 62 Avenue A, Turners Falls MA. With: Christopher Janke, Jess Mynes, Meghan Dewar, and Asiz Industries. A poetry reading and art opening.

April 21st, Saturday, 8PM at Milk & Roses 1110 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NY. With: Stella Corso and Alex Phillips

April 7th, 8pm: Book Launch reading and party at Flying Object With one-poem readings of (a few of) the poets whose work influenced the book: Hannah Brooks-Motl reads Lorine Niedecker, Lisa Olstein reads Ted Berrigan, Nat Otting reads James Schuyler, Guy Pettit reads John Berryman, Emily Pettit reads Olena Kalytiak Davis, Dara Wier reads Rainer Maria Rilke

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